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Since I posted this, there have been many issues with my not following through on the thread. The biggest issue was my being transplanted to England for most of the summer to work with our sister company to deliver their first project. While I’ll never be a regular blogger, I like to pop in now and then, just to maintain a log for my own benefit. While I was away, Matt Lombard started a thread on his blog Dezignstuff that addresses the topic of using a master model in design.

We use this in our designs and it has become the single best tool we have to do what we do quickly and efficiently. I could never write as thorough a series of posts as Matt, so please check out the series, it will be worth the time, believe me.

Original Post:

I have been working with SolidWorks for over 10 years now, and in that time, I have been able to utilize most of the features at one time or another. The one thing I am using now is something that I believe is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal: top-down design. I have looked throughout cyberspace to find anything about this technique, and have found that there isn’t much available.

We use top-down for our joiner design, which involves a parent assembly and several multi part sub-assemblies, any of which can have reference, toolbox or library parts.

If anyone would like to start a discussion on top-down, please comment.



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