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After nearly a year, I am back in the fold. This past year has seen our industry take a shot to the gut, and I wasn’t sure it would recover. I was out of the yacht industry for 9 months, then after a few phone calls, I find myself back in a familiar role, but with very new challenges.

Like myself, a lot of people left for other jobs when things slowed down, but unlike me, many of them are staying away. I guess that’s one difference between me and a lot of other people – my passion for this industry allows me to take risks where they won’t. I use the word ‘risk’ differently that most people; I know God has sovereign rule and will continue to care for me. In any case, the fact is that I am in an uphill battle regarding filling out the departments that have seen many people leave. If anyone out there is looking for a great new start and has mechanical aptitude/experience as well as mad SolidWorks skills, get in touch!

I have said that this is my dream job – what I mean is that I absolutely love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else aside from a higher call. The job I had for 9 months last year was a great job with many amazing people, but it came down to this: it wasn’t boats. Many may think I’m nuts for leaving that job, but I had no passion for it even though I was getting pretty good at it. Without the passion it was just a job (albeit a really good one, and one I was thankful to have) but even though I don’t┬áregret┬áleaving, I do miss the people there.

Last summer I realized that I needed a creative outlet, so I picked up a guitar on Craigslist and started to learn. If you are thinking about it but get intimidated, let me encourage you by pointing you to Nate Savage at I started in June, and by Christmas I was playing real music! Now, you won’t see me headlining anytime soon, but this is a major accomplishment. The lesson in all of this is that you are never too old to learn something new. This was such a departure from anything else I’ve tried to this point, that I’m still amazed that it worked.

As long as I’m on the learning stump, I learned a lot about management from Dwayne over the summer that I won’t be able to adequately express here. Let’s just say that where he needed to be flexible, he was, and when he needed to draw the line, he did. He showed me how to be subtle in the difference.

If I get a chance, I’ll post about DriveWorks and the incredible power of parametric modelling. Fo now, I’ll say farewell and good night.



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