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Here’s a little preview of what’s coming…I can’t wait!!!

Karelian Birch Double Chambered

Karelian Birch
Double Chambered

Here’s a little preview of what’s coming…

Karelian Birch Double Chambered

Karelian Birch
Double Chambered


It seemed like forever, but it finally happened. Number One is done!!

There are a few things I’d do differently for the next ones, and I have 5 bodies in my closet that have a major change included already, but all in all, this was a smashing success.

  • The P90’s sound like chiming bells, or like mean crunchy things, and a whole lot in between.
  • The sustain is literally forever, I think I somehow tapped into perpetual motion somehow. This is the first guitar I have to palm mute. (Might be the quality of my Dot Studio?)
  • It can be played as an acoustic. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t mean it sounds like a Martin, but I can play this in a small room for friends and family without plugging in.
  • the thing is beautiful. Not like Clapton’s “I want a guitar that can hang in a museum” beautiful, but “wow, I want to play that” beautiful. Tony at Luthier’s workshop did the tobacco spit and setup.

The list of thanks you’s are predictable, but you don’t get from an idea to done without enablers. Here is a list of mine:

  • God gave me the talent and the opportunity to use it in woodworking.
  • My wife believed I could do it and trusted me to pull it off.
  • My dad was my first shop teacher, showing me how to be a traditionalist outside the box.
  • Brian and Al gave let me try out my ideas after hours.
  • Tony gave me some legitimate luthier horsepower to back up my woodworking.

So here are some pics, the next set are underway and I can’t wait to see how they turn out! If you want to see the whole set, here’s a link to the rest of the pics.

IMG_2331 IMG_2349 IMG_2353

This year has started off with my company shutting down for a winter break – the first in my time there. This has afforded me a great opportunity to do some things that would normally be difficult or out of the question had I been working.

Build a snow fort

Those of you below the snow line don’t have any idea how fun this is, but trust me, hollowing out a huge pile of snow and then adding certain necessities such as an escape route and windows is nothing less than thrilling. Having only the weekend really dampens the enthusiasm however, so having the time to really throw into this project was fun for me and my son.

Catch up

My job had taken me to various places over the past few years, often without my family. I think I have been able to balance the books in this area quite nicely with the longest weekend I have had in my working life. It was really nice to be with my beautiful wife for an extended time to catch up, breathe and just be together.

Add a skill

I have started the Gallardo Lamborghini project, hoping to bring my SolidWorks surfacing skill up to the level of my Rhino skill level. I have to say that after hearing all the horror stories about SW surfacing, I was pleasantly surprised. I will acknowledge that there have been numerous improvements made over the past few years, based on the blogs I’ve read, but even so, I’m disappointed that I didn’t try to tackle this sooner! I hope to get the surfacing certification done by spring.

Get involved

We have been able to participate more heartily in church activities over the holiday season, including a Christmas dinner that served several hundred needy people in the community. God has blessed us with several things most countries would consider luxuries; it was amazing to be able to ‘pay it forward’.

This year has already seen much in the way of change, the current economy could take some lessons here. We have gotten so used to abundance we suddenly can’t handle a little scarcity. To 2011: may we find ourselves content with our circumstance.


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