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I have been killer busy at work, but it has become more “job” than I realized. I decided some time ago that all my energy at work was doing nothing for my boys at home so I found a few discarded guitars and went to work – dis-assembly, repair, reassembly, sale – all with the little ones watching and helping when they could.

Well, that was step one as it turns out. I have embarked on a hobby that may turn a profit someday – building new guitars from scratch. After admiring a well-known brand name guitar through the window, I made the mistake of going in and picking it up. I was surprised at the poor quality of the “fit and finish” of their product – so much so that I said out loud – “I could do better than this”. I thought about that on the way home and decided to give it a go.

Currently, I have 4 bodies in various stages of completedness. One is promised to a friend who will play it so well everyone will want one. One is for me and I have been collecting the various bits and pieces for it as the budget allows. The other two are going together slowly – more budget issues – but I was just able to purchase the last of the hardware yesterday.

Apart from the setbacks of car repairs, home repairs and other financial burdens, I am pleased with the progress so far. I have been able to hook up with an old-school luthier who has a project of his own that I can help with, so I am bartering his skillset for mine. He has liked the bodies I’ve made to the point of offering to sell them in his shop. Step by step, this is taking on life!

If you or someone you know would like a great custom guitar for what you’d pay for off the shelf, give me a shout.

First one of many?

First of many?



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