I don’t write for a living, so I’m not sure how often this blog will be updated. I also have the task of trying to express my professional side without giving away the company secrets; this will be interesting.

My family has a summer cabin on an 80 acre lake that really fostered in me a love of boating and all things water related. I learned to waterski at the age of 3 by first standing on my dad’s skis. He took off from the pier with me in his arms and then lowered me down, holding the handle down for me to grasp. He was pretty smart that way, coming up with unusual solutions to difficult problems t hat more times than not resulted in a faster result. When he saw that I had a hard time holding the skis together, he tied a rope between them near the tips. I now see that idea of his from the early 70’s in ski catalogues; I’ve got a pretty cool dad.

My first ‘alone’ boating experience was in a 12 foot Mirro with a 3 horse Elgin outboard. My little brother would crouch in the bow  to keep us from porpoising and trim out the craft to maximize our speed. If I remember correctly, we could achieve a top spped of around 10 miles an hour! Once I was strong enough to pull the cord, I graduated to our 14 foot Naden with a 50 horse Mercury outboard. My dad had purchased it new with the (at the time) largest outboard available, a 30 horse. Over time, he beefed up the transom to add more power. This was the boat I learned to ski behind, and  it was enough to pull me (even barefoot) until I was in high school. Since those days, I have piloted several boats from the fery fast to the very expensive. On a recent sea trial, I was allowed the opportunity to pilot a 123 foot motor yacht through a series of hard-overs.

I currently work as a designer for a superyacht builder. I am in charge of the interior department with 9 people under me; 3 of which are only in my department for accounting reasons, 2 are shop support and the rest are designers. We have been faced with many challenges as a company these last few years that include upper management changes, increased production requests and philosophy definitions.  I  have been primarily involved in the production aspects making changes in the way my department processes information and provides it to the shop floor.

The most interesting part of my job is that I get to see the big picture as well as the small details. Since the department had not used 3D until I got there and the yard had never had to think past the current project, my ability to see both ends of the process has been a great advantage. There have been stumbling blocks along the way, but the overall process and progress has been great. My immediate supervisor has really been a great help in plowing through the usual beurocracy to provide a clear path for my team to navigate the details without outside pressures.

I would say that in this season of life, I have my dream job. I get to work on something I am passionate about in an influential way, I am involved in everything from the dirty details of the day to the future concepts that will become reality and see them come to fruition. I am allowed to work on process improvement within my department and have a hand in improving the overall process of building the interiors of these beautiful yachts making them quicker without sacrificing quality. Our owner has been fundamental in this regard, outlining his vision for the yard and giving us the opportunity to see it through.

I will hopefully be able to update regularly, but I won’t set a schedule just to say I’ve posted. I think this will be part journal, part tips and tricks, part experience. I also think there is the possibility that these ideas could change over time!

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