I have come to this point in my professional life in a different way than most. My dad was a wood shop teacher and that meant that I was exposed to cabinetmaking from a very early age. Helping him build furniture that we couldn’t afford to buy gave me a different perspective on the world. I thought I wanted to be an engineer, going to MSOE for 2-1/2 years before deciding that I wasn’t cut out for that kind of life.

After kicking around for a bit, I ended up as a pattenmaker where I could utilize my cabinetmaking ability and marry it to my love of technology and  precision. This is where I started to use CAD in my career, designing and machining mold bodies as well as some of the more intricate patterns.

Through a series of events, I found myself outside the patternmaking world and inside the world of yachting. I started using AutoCAD and Rhino to design yacht interiors up to 65′ and now am using SolidWorks to design interiors for yachts over 120′.

Due to a downturn in the industry, I found myself designing packaging machinery for a man who has a staggering amount of knowledge backed by a large number of patents. Thanks to Ray for helping me change careers and industries; and thanks for not killing me when I was called back to yacht design.