I have made a great discovery about myself that will hopefully be of great benefit to me. A lot of very successful people have said in one way or another: “Do what you love, and it won’t seem like work”. I have seen the wisdom of this and have seen a lot of truth in it, but it isn’t that profound; the trick is finding someone to pay you to do what you love!

I love boating. The call of the water is loud in my ears and only gets louder as spring approaches. I love being on the water, feeling the wind, hearing the waves; it is an adventure fresh and new every time I get out. There is one drawback to this love however. There just aren’t too many careers out there that have ‘boating’ as the main part of the job. The short list includes captain, Coast Guard and pirate. Being one of the former 2 could place you in direct contact with the latter, so while the good can be real good, the bad is probably worse.

I find myself in the boating industry through my current employer, and it is nearly everything I could ask for: I get to work on extremely beautiful yachts that only a handful of the population will ever see, I get to be creative in how I solve problems that arise from dealing with projects of the magnitude that we have, and I occasionally get to trial these gems on the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan. So, what could have prompted the title of this post?

In my job I have been singled out, not because I have proven to be the smartest, or the most creative, but aside from God directing my paths, it is the joy I have for what I do. I am so ‘into’ the projects I work on; I take ownership and strive for getting the very best out of myself. In turn, this has moved me into the role of department head, and with it a new set of challenges. This is the reason for the title…

I know what I’m good at, and in these things I throw myself in to. I have a knack for design as it relates to manufacturing. I have seen some pretty amazing designs that will never get off the paper simply because the well meaning designer didn’t take physics into account. I really take control of the project at hand and work it, mostly because I can see the end result in my head and I can’t wait to touch it with my hands. Unfortunately, along with the fun parts there are the tedious,¬†repetitive, well, un-fun parts.

How will this benefit me? Now that I have admitted to myself that the un-fun things are really holding me back because I don’t like to do them, I will become a better leader. I am going to purpose to attack the things I find boring with the same zeal I put into the fun things. I will attack spreadsheets, budgets, material lists and other such things as though they were my only thing to do. As I do this, I will get better at them which will in turn cause me to spend less time on them, leaving me more time for the fun stuff!

I don’t see myself owning the company any time soon, which would enable me the freedom to pick the things I want to do and hire out the rest. I will therefore challenge myself to bigger and better things by doing what I love, and love doing things I don’t.